ExtendAir® CO2 Absorbents

SR-0801CNameSR-0801CThe Apocalypse Type IV iCCR (intervention CCR) combines the safety awareness of an mCCR and an automatic safety net, for diving to depths of 30msw on air, and 80msw on mixed gas
Apocalypse Type IV CCR


New large core product used in the rebreathers shown to the right.

SR-0101CNameSR-0101CThe O2ptima FX combines the benefits of the Micropore designed ExtendAir cartridge based CO2 scrubber, Dive Rites proven regulators, and the Hammerhead closed circuit, mixed gas controller and decompression computer from Juergensen Marine.
Compact size (15W x 21H x 7D)
Lightweight (48lbs with CO2 absorbent and filled AL13 cylinders)
Back mounted counterlungs for clean unobstructed chest area.
Uses ExtendAir CO2 solid state absorbent. Dust free, ultra-low work of breathing, and no channeling.

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Titan CCR


Standard small core SCUBA cartridge. Measures 5" (195mm) in diameter and 7.7" (125mm) in length.



Dolphin Rebreather ExtendAir® Retrofit Kit